Bourbon Barrel Wood Smoked Togarashi

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Bourbon Barrel Wood Smoked Togarashi

This blend, from Bourbon Barrel Foods, is a slightly rule-broken version of the common Japanese spice blend Shichimi Togarashi. Shichimi typically includes 7 spices and is used as a daily seasoning on rice or noodle dishes. Ours includes nori, poppy and sesame seeds, chiles and orange zest and is heavily smoked, giving it a broad appeal as a garnish on most foods.


- Handcrafted by Bourbon Barrel Foods

- Packaged by JCA in a 2oz glass spice jar with gold lid

- Ingredients: Spices (including mustard), sea salt, orange peel, Bourbon Smoked Sesame Seeds, Bourbon Smoked Pepper, poppy seeds, brown sugar, seaweed, garlic powder, and silicon dioxide added to prevent caking

- A fave ingredient of chefs like Sean Brock of Husk

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