Verdant Tonic

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Verdant Tonic

We have partnered with Charmington Holistics to offer this tonic exclusively in our store and on our website! This special green blend is formulated to help keep you healthy. Ingredients like graviola, chanca piedra, lemongrass, and spirulina provide immune support and help fight off colds and flu. Each tonic is 100% organic and made in small batches to ensure quality in every bottle. 


How to Use

  • take a tasty teaspoon of it, like a lemon flavored medicine!
  • add it to your tea or smoothie
  • sip it mixed with soda water or juice for a refreshing beverage 
  • add it to recipes as a flavoring (it makes an interesting salad dressing)
  • add it to cocktails for a healthy happy hour
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