Full Collection of Popcorn Spice Blends

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#1 Yellow

Keep your snack pantry stocked up with our popcorn toppings, packed with flavor & superfood nutrients!


This collection includes one 2oz jar of each of the following flavors:


#1 Yellow

Top your popcorn with some vegan, cheesy flavor! Garlic, onion, and chipotle powder bring heat and bite to this popcorn topper, and cumin adds some smoky flavor. Nutritional yeast seals the deal with a cheesy tang.


#2 Nela

Looking to show off the sweet side of snacktime? Give our sweet popcorn topper a try! Sweet raspberry, panela (100% natural and unprocessed cane sugar), and mangosteen combine to make a citrus-sweet popcorn topper, with extra warmth from ginger and turmeric.


#3 Green

It's so easy going green with our popcorn topper! We combine the fresh taste of chlorella with garlic, onion, and cayenne to create a punchy, satisfying popcorn topping.


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