Mama Tea Blend Collection

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Mama Tea Blend Collection

All our Mama teas have been formulated with special consideration for those who are pregnant or nursing. These teas are safe for parents and babies alike.


Good mornin', Mama! This is a peppy, bright blend perfect for starting your day. Vanilla and ginger bring warmth and spice to the woodsy caffeine of yerba mate and sweetness of rooibos. A great blend for tired mamas! Important Note: Please be aware that it does contain some caffeine. A full cup of yerba mate has approximately 85mg of caffeine, so this blend will have approximately a quarter of that, because it is formulated with 25% yerba mate to the other ingredients. 


Searching for a little something to get you through a long day? Midday Mama is a sweet, citrusy afternoon pick-me-up tea blend. We combined sweet honeybush and refreshing mint with a little red clover and orange peel to make this blend. It's the perfect ally when fighting morning sickness or nausea.


Looking for a calm, relaxing way to wind down your busy day? Midnight Mama is a caffeine-free blend designed to help you relax. We blended calming lemon balm with red raspberry and sweet chamomile to make this comforting evening blend. The red raspberry in Midnight Mama is also good for soothing PMS symptoms.






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