Founder, Sarah Acconcia in front of the Baltimore shop

 A Note from the Founder

How did I decide to open Juniper, your new source for health-boosting ingredients?

For many years, as a professional chef, I put my own health on the back burner. I worked long hours ... ate  baguettes instead of dinner ... drank bourbon at the end of each night ...

Often I didn't get enough sleep. I wore my cheap kitchen shoes until they broke. In short, I ran myself into the ground with stress and unhealthy habits.

So Juniper is a reflection of my own healing habits, which I have created for my body and mind to repair years of damage.

I want to share my food-lover's self-care with you!

I've found that food has the power to be at once healing, delicious, and indulgent. At Juniper I invite you to explore new flavors or discover a healthful ritual to add to your day.