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What is a Culinary Apothecary?

Apothecaries began as pharmacies - dispensing literal medicine to their communities. They included holistic and herbal medicines and preparations. Our dream is an apothecary that creates herbal products that taste delicious. Juniper is your source for herbal products that combine function and flavor, that you can easily add to your daily routine. We can help you build your home culinary apothecary!

More About Us

The Farm

In November, we are leaping into a new space and a new life. We will be moving to our very own farm with 5 acres to grow herbs, flowers, and continue to nurture our beautiful community. It is very close, only about 20 minutes outside our beloved Baltimore.

In the spring, expect to see in person events on our farm, collabs with local chefs and makers, and lots and lots of animal & plant content! (Spoiler: there will be goats!)

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