Our Values

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We source ethically & locally

To us, ethical sourcing means traceable herb and flower ingredients. We choose our suppliers carefully to make sure they align with our business values. Some are small local farms that we can visit ourselves. Some are larger companies that publish their farmer's wages and produce single-origin spices. We hope that you feel good knowing that we know where our products come from.  

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Flavor & nutrition are equally important

Our teas & other food products are all designed to balance flavor and function! Our founder, Sarah Acconcia, is a chef and herbalist, and she draws on those skills whenever formulating a new product or recipe. 

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We uplift others through creative collaboration

We want to share our beautiful farm space with as many other small businesses as possible! If you have an idea for a collaborative event or product, please reach out and tell us. We love the Baltimore area and we know it is rich with creativity and innovation. Community over competition.

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Mutual Aid

Our community comes first

We believe that the only way to survive in a system that we didn't choose is to share resources and help others. We will always give 15% of our profit to local mutual aid. Currently we have not been profitable, so our founder gives personally. We hope that one day soon on this page, we will be able to publish an impact report showing how we support our local community. 


At our farmstand, we will have a community-supported Pay-What-You-

Can flower bouquet and other offerings. This is a way we can start living this value before our business is truly profitable. 

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We strive for low waste & minimum plastic

Our Sustainability efforts include:


Low plastic use

-only where required by law to seal food packaging

-reducing farm plastic use


Closed Loop Packaging

Gold tea tins, paperboard tubes, glass jars may all be returned to Juniper Farm! Please place clean containers in our collection bin, located inside our farmstand, or return to us at a pop up event! Thank you - this is the most sustainable option for packaged goods and we are excited to be able to offer this.


Shipping Materials

We re-use cardboard boxes for shipping, so you may see another company's logo or printing. We also re-use bubble wrap and void fill. The only void fill we purchase is recycled shredded paper.


-bubble wrap or plastic void fill: reuse it or give away to someone to reuse

-shredded paper void fill: compost or recycle

-cardboard boxes: recycle