Floral Harvest Bucket

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Introducing the Floral Harvest Bucket from Juniper Farm: Your Weekly Dose of Fresh Flowers!


Get ready to be the house that always has fresh flowers with our Floral Harvest Bucket, straight from Juniper Farm in Pikesville, MD. Picture this: 35-40 stems of pure botanical delight, jam-packed with a mix of lush foliage, unusual fillers, and captivating focal flowers, delivered weekly to your door with no plastic packaging or waste!


Juniper Farm is all about keeping things fresh and sustainable, and that’s why flowers from us will always be a Grower's Choice seasonal mix. This is for folks who don’t mind what type or color of blooms they get, as long as they are beautiful, sustainably produced and have a long vase life. Luckily, when you buy our flowers grown right in your zip code, you know that’s what you’ll receive! 


Why buy local flowers?

When you purchase a bucket from us, you're not just getting flowers; you're investing in a small farm that cares for the land and nurtures its people. Unlike those blooms that rack up a hefty carbon footprint from shipping and damaging growing practices, our local flowers help you keep things eco-friendly.


Is this a CSA?

Sort of!

A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a mutually beneficial arrangement between local farmers and members of the community. In a CSA, individuals or families purchase a share of a farm's harvest in advance, typically on a seasonal basis. This helps farmers with upfront capital and ensures consumers receive a regular supply of fresh, locally grown produce, fostering a direct and sustainable connection between the farm and the community, while also supporting local agriculture and reducing the environmental impact of long-distance food transportation. We love the CSA model, and we hope that if you value flowers the way we do, you'll invest in our harvests!


Do you deliver?

Receiving flowers from us is convenient. If you're in the 21208 zip code, we'll deliver right to your door on Thursdays. We will drop your flower bucket in the shade and send a text to tell you they’re there for you to bring in and arrange throughout your home! 

If you live outside of our delivery zone, you can pick up your bucket at the farm. Pickup is on Fridays, any time between 9-4pm. 


Can I choose which months I am subscribed to?

Of course! Prefer the spring tulips & fragrant mock orange? Or maybe you want look forward to color through the winter. Simply choose the length of the subscription you'd like, and after you place your order, we will email you to find out the months you'd prefer! Order at any time of the year, and choose any time of the year for your subscription period.


How does the sign-up process work?

After you place your order, we will email you to get your subscription set up. We will need your name, address, phone number (preferably one we can text to show delivery), and what months you'd like to subscribe. 


Can I gift a subscription?

Yes, we love that! After you place your order, we will email you to get your subscription set up. Just tell us the information for the gift recepient, and we will get in touch with them with a nice note letting them know they have the gift of fresh flowers coming!

Ready to get started with your subscription? Let's make your space bloom with local love. 

Subscription Options

Get the best price by subscribing! 

3 months - $23/week

6 months - $21/week

12 months - $18/week

One Time Purchase - $35 



  • packaging: black plastic bucket - leave your bucket(s) out for pickup during your weekly delivery
  • number of stems: 35-40
  • grown with organic + regenerative agricultural practices
  • end of life: compost flowers, leave bucket for us to pick up + reuse 

Sample Flowers & Foliage We Grow









Mock Orange






Raspberry Branches





Heirloom Chrysanthemums










Scented Geranium

Dried willow branches


Ilex (Winterberry)


Baltimore, MD: Free pick up or delivery - choose “free pickup in Baltimore” at shipping. We will reach out through email to coordinate. If you live within the zip code 21208, we deliver bucket subscriptions on Thursdays. If you live outside of the delivery zone, you may pick up your bucket at the farm on Fridays between 9-3pm. 


USA: Not available outside of the Baltimore metro area


The “Fine” Print

Subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months include four (4) weekly deliveries per month. You may opt to skip a weekly delivery, and have it added to the end of your subscription period or fully skipped. You are also welcome to transfer your delivery to another person. However, if they don’t live within the delivery radius, they must pick up your bucket at the farm in Pikesville. Buckets that are not picked up by the end of day Friday will be donated and you will forfeit the week. Any questions before you decide? Feel free to reach out to info@juniperbaltimore.com.