The Culinary Apothecary - a Way to Bring Herbalism into Your Kitchen

The Culinary Apothecary - a Way to Bring Herbalism into Your Kitchen

Posted by Sarah Beyers on Jan 2nd 2023

Everybody is different and every body is different, which means what works for some, might not work for others when it comes to herbal remedies and healing journeys. We have always wanted our customers to feel empowered to make decisions for their own bodies, minds, and hearts, rather than just take our word for it when it comes to teas and tonics, so they can feel inspired to play, explore, and build their own culinary apothecary.

Juniper was born out of this philosophy from owner and founder Sarah Acconcia’s own self-healing journey with culinary herbalism. Sarah has a professional culinary background, and after years of doing this work, she felt called to shift her work and wisdom to the world of culinary herbalism and farming. Sarah has been farming for three seasons now and has been interested in and educating herself on the topic of horticulture for years, which has given her the knowledge to now be able to grow and sell her own plants and herbs to small businesses and restaurants for wholesale and events. Juniper’s tagline “Self-Care for Food Lovers'' resonates deeply with many and lights a trail to wellness that Sarah and her team hope to continue to guide others in their community through.

So, what is a culinary apothecary you might ask? Well, apothecaries essentially began as pharmacies. They included herbal medicines and preparations as well as Western pharmaceuticals. Juniper marries this world with that of a culinary one by curating products that prioritize function and flavor; self-care and “sippability” (this might not be a word, but we think it should be!) … Basically, we are aiming to make products that serve as a catalyst for self-healing as much as they do a fun after-work cocktail, mocktail or baking dish, because they just taste that yummy.

Another founding pillar at Juniper is accessibility. We are seeking to expand the accessibility of wellness movements through our products and services. We want people to feel excited to use our products in everyday dishes and drinks they like to make, rather than feel overwhelmed by cost, etc. We source our ingredients from our own company farm as well as from other farms. Anywhere that we source from, we have researched to ensure that they are meeting ethical standards, so that we can bring you the best quality ingredients and tell you about farming practices. We also offer pay what you can as an option if you contact us directly, with no questions asked. We believe that access to wellness resources is a right and can and should be made possible through intentional business practices, which we are hoping to inspire other businesses to follow by our example.

Juniper has grown so much already from the support of people in the local community, like you! We are so excited to see what’s in store for Juniper and its community in the near future and we hope you continue to enjoy what we share with you all! 

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